True to our roots...

Our innovative pharmacy solutions and commitment to superior service combine with decades of industry expertise to help our partners provide the very best care to each resident we serve. The cornerstone of our success is staying true to our roots as a small town pharmacy with Christian values while continually growing and expanding our service offerings to accommodate unique and future needs of our clients.

Who is GrandView Health Services?

Our Mission and Promise

By striving to honor God and each other in all we do, GrandView will become the leader in the healthcare markets we serve. Honesty and responsible stewardship will be the hallmarks that distinguish GrandView as a health care provider, business partner and employer.

Our promise is to provide superior products and services with excellence, integrity and efficiency. We promise to be uncompromising in quality and driven by a progressive, innovative and trustworthy operational philosophy.

Our History

The beginning: GrandView Pharmacy was founded as Elliot and Hood Drug Company in Connersville, Indiana. In 1960, due to the proximity of the pharmacy’s location to the Grandview School District, the owners appropriately renamed the pharmacy to become GrandView Pharmacy. Through the years, the single neighborhood pharmacy has grown to four east central Indiana retail locations: Connersville, Cambridge City, Hagerstown and Richmond. These facilities offer many traditional pharmacy services and diverse retail products. Even as the times have changed, GrandView Pharmacy maintains the warmth and intimacy of our neighborhood pharmacy roots.

History of GrandView Pharmacy

Expansion into senior care: In 2005, GrandView Pharmacy took another large step toward becoming a superior Indiana pharmacy provider by expanding its long term care division. At one time, the long term care division of GrandView was operated from a small office behind the retail pharmacy. However, in 2005 GrandView an investment was made to build a state-of-the-art facility in Brownsburg, Indiana. With much growth in the LTC division, a second LTC pharmacy was added in 2008 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Each long term care pharmacy allows GrandView to have strategic locations to conveniently and efficiently serve Indiana and bordering states. GrandView strives to remain a leader in the pharmacy industry through progressive leadership, innovative technology, expansion philosophy and expert staffing. We will hold steady to never forget our neighborhood pharmacy roots and the expectation of great personal service that comes from a independent, family-owned pharmacy partner.

Who do we serve?

Senior Care Communities & Residents

We deliver comprehensive pharmacy services and consulting to:
• Long Term Care Communities
• Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)
• Licensed Assisted Living
• Unlicensed Assisted Living
• MRDD Facilities & Group Homes

Long-term care Pharmacy

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The GrandView Team

Learn more about who makes up our GrandView Health Services team.

Our Leadership

• Ralph Eldridge, Chairman of the Board of Directors
• Mark Prifogle, Chief Executive Officer
• Jeremy Eldridge, Chief Financial Officer
• Glenn Eldridge, Chief Operating Officer
• John Jones, Director of Quality Assurance
• Jack Wells, Director of Pharmacy
• Christian Marr, Billing and Accounts Receivable Manager
• Mel Green, Director of Business Development and Public Relations

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As a family owned and operated company, GrandView Pharmacy is committed to making its employees a part of its family. Please see below the openings we need to fill on our team.

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